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The Marcy is a strange breed of creature who is most commonly seen in the company of villains and souls of moral ambiguity. Her natural habitat consists of fire and brimstone. When she's not trailing after supervillains she's frolicking with their demonic, yet sweet henchmen or planning on how best to take over the known universe. She's interested in a variety of nerdy (yet awesome) things like Doctor Who, X-Men, DC & Marvel comics, Phantom of the Opera, and virtually anything Sci-Fi/Fantasy related. If you feel brave enough you can always drop her a line in her ask box. She may be your future overlord, but she promises to be a benevolent one.
~ Saturday, April 19 ~
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And suddenly now we’re all watching Prince of Egypt at Genosha.

Excellent life decisions.

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*tips manifesto* m’age rights

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What do you call the technique Bucky uses to stare his target down? 

The Winter Smolder.


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we should add another A onto the acronym so we have one for asexual and another for asexual and none for allies

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bored now

gonna make homemade milk-chocolate covered Matzo ‘cause that’s just how I roll.

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Oh my god.
Anders thinking Hawke is flushed because she’s getting a fever because he’s always overly worried about her so he just casually puts his hand on her forehead and Hawke’s just like “No, I’m fine hahah i’m okay. i just remembered a thing that needs doing. okay i’m going…” *trips over table and chairs “wow who put this here? okay now bye. gotta go do things” *Nearly falls over self while walking backwards*

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So…sometime during Act I picture this:

Isabella regaling Hawke with raunchy stories about Anders’ time in Denerim.

Hawke slowly lowering her her head so no one can see her blushing.

Hawke trying to get Isabella to just.stop.taLKING.

Hawke bashing her head into the table top.

Isabella stopping just in time as Anders walks in and Hawke just sits bolt upright with her face bright red.

Isabella laughing so hard she nearly spits out her drink.

Hawke thinking of the various creative ways she can kill Isabella.

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Hey I’m not suggesting that with all the increased racialized violence against Jews and Roma worldwide that it would be super important to feature two immensely well known and popular Roma Jewish superheroes in a major international blockbuster film franchise, but…

oh no 



that’s precisely what I’m suggesting. 

Actually, please don’t suggest that. As a Jew who ran away from Marvel fandom for years after X-Men: First Class, I don’t want to see MCU, which I love and enjoy, shat upon by the same exoticizing assholes who don’t know the second thing about Judaism (APPARENTLY THE FIRST THING ABOUT JUDAISM IS HANUKKAH BECAUSE LOL AMIRITE) and insisted on writing about Magneto’s experience of Judaism anyway.

Representation as depicted by people who don’t understand the oppressed group is not a good solution.


I am Jewish.

So I think your anger towards my post about being frustrated with a lack of proper representation is misplaced?

But I feel ya. I’d like to see ACCURATE representation, obviously. I thought that was clear.

No, I don’t care if it’s accurate or not; I don’t want any more Jewish superheroes. There are plenty of Jews in the US media; most of them are dealt with more or less ham-handedly and, as far as I know, none of them are Roma, but representation is not the solution to anti-Semitism in any way, shape or form. Jews have hardly been excluded from the media the way that POC are. Representation is simply not the solution for anti-Semitism. Roma superheroes? Yes, we probably need that.

Whoa, whoa. There is a lot to parse out here and I think you are taking my statement entirely the wrong way. Representation is not a cure all solution to bigotry of any kind, but it can build confidence in our respective groups. There are what…four Jewish superheroes? Maybe only three that are well known in mainstream media? That’s enough? What the hell?

So no more Jewish characters even those written by Jews? We don’t need to be depicted anywhere. There are already too many of us in media? What the hell? I’m not in this for antisemitic caricatures of us in media. I want accuracy that depicts like fully realized human beings. I want that for every underrepresented group.

But showing us as characters that are heroic, that are good? In a mainstream movie like the Avengers or X-Men is important. It not only builds confidence amongst our own people (speaking from experience here) it also shows people outside of our own that we can be heroes that we aren’t their stereotypes. That we’re human. Sometimes media can change people’s opinions.

No it is not a solution. I in no way even suggested that it was. My very angry post was simply me feeling upset that during a time where I see more violence being acted out against Jews and Roma it would be good to see three dimensional and respectful representation of us as heroes. In roles that would be seen worldwide by everyone.

I honestly have no idea where you got that I somehow don’t want more representation for POC in media or that one good media representative character would be a cure all, but you have entirely misunderstood my statement and I have no idea what to do about that.

But judging by how many people this has seemed to strike a chord with I’m saying it’s pretty clear that there are many people who want this representation and/or are in support of seeing more diverse roles available to multiple minority peoples.

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