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I wonder if the Inquisitor is going to have to foot Cullen’s lyrium addiction.

Been wondering this myself, and after looking, there’s no mention on the wikia site that…

Just to stir the pot, David Gaider has since clarified that templars do need lyrium for their abilities, and Alistair was just unclear/misinformed. In fact, Alistair mentions that he started taking it again for his further adventures in the comics.


DG: “Even if Templar magic was recognized as spellcasting, it’s not innate to the Templars, if they just stopped taking lyrium eventually they would lose the ability. Although as Alistair proves, they can use the ability for a long time afterwards. “

Well, this certainly changes things.  UGH.

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College Age - Camping Trip Pt. 3


(( The conclusion of the camping trip fic. officialvarrictethras experimentalmadness goblin-king-of-thedas ))

As soon as they reached their own campsite, Garrett broke away from Andy.

“SKINNY DIPPING!!!” He tore off his shirt as he ran down toward the river.

Donnic and Aveline were still nowhere in sight, and it seemed Leanna and Leli had retired for the night. That left only Varric, Aysunn, Andy, Garrett, and Isabela who had returned from her mysterious disappearance earlier. Andy facepalmed as his very inebriated boyfriend stripped down carelessly and dove into the water, resurfacing a moment later with a yelp.


“Well what the hell did you expect?” Andy shouted back.

Isabela went streaking past the tall blond, already naked as the day she was born. He caught a glimpse of previously hidden piercings glinting in the moonlight before she dove into the water, far more gracefully than Garrett had. Aysunn was a moment behind her, Andy’s eyes widening as they followed incredibly long legs up to a perfect, round a-

“Stop ogling my girlfriend, Blondie,” Varric called from near the fire.

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ladyartanis replied to your post:Homecoming
Eep! So cute! And Ava is adorable…lovely work!! :D

Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Aw damn lost a follower.

Is it because I admitted to being a conglomerate of jellyfish?

It is isn’t it. 

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pro tip: never start talking about the Israel-Palestinian conflict with white Jews that grew up in America they are basically brainwashed into being pro-Israel and you will want to vomit

Go to the nearest dumpster and put yourself in it.

Goyim are brainwashed into stereotyping Jews.

You are absolutely right OP! I’m not ACTUALLY  an Ashkenazi antizionist activist! I’m secretly a collection of small jellyfish stuffed into a coat. I don’t actually exist. 

That would just be weird and force you to realize your narrative of homogeneous Jewry is antisemitic. 


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Small ficlet of Anders moving into Ava Hawke’s estates. Fluff ensues.

Everything Anders owns he can fit into one satchel. In a way he’s almost grateful, packing was clean and relatively simple. He slung his pack over his shoulder and grabbed his papers. All his work was bound up in a leather case tied shut with some twine, a gift from Hawke a year back. Most things were a gift from Hawke, he thought with a nervous smile as he thumbed the edges of the parchment case.

He was fully expecting to wake up at any moment even as he walked from Darktown up through the back alleys of Lowtown. Each step took him further from his self-imposed isolation and closer to—what did he precisely call where he was going? His gut twisted and his heart fluttered with nerves. Maker, he felt like an anxious boy again.

He walked up the steps to Hightown and almost immediately felt like turning right around and fleeing back towards the safety of Darktown. He was woefully out of place amongst the merchants and nobility. He felt every loose stitch in his clothing, and every bandage he had wound around holes and tears in his trousers and coat sleeves. He could feel the stares of the elite as he walked, hear them muttering to one another. As long as they kept their comments to his rags and tattered appearance he paid them no mind. It was only when he heard the snatches of “apostate” and “mage” that the paranoia lurking within surged through him.

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Anonymous said: now i'm wondering how Anders/Justice would react when they go all Vengeance rawr and Hawke just douses him with ice water...





*Very ugly laughter*

I imagine this happens when they’re at home alone and getting into a very heated discussion about mage rights and what their next plans of actions are going to be and he just starts glowing and Hawke is like “NOT RIGHT NOW, JUSTICE.” and just tosses a bucket of water at him. “YOU CAN’T DO THE GLOWY THING WHEN WE’RE TRYING TO ORGANIZE. PLAN FIRST. GLOW LATER.”

Anders probably just sits there dripping wet before Hawke starts trying to dry him off by stripping him out of his clothes and then before they know it SOMEHOW they’re on the bed

because Ava Hawke is a pretty huge fan of the way Anders turns into a blue, glowy, justice monster. 

I’m choking. 

That’s not counting the fact that they can probably launch right into talking about plans while in the middle of sex.

i’m just saying. 

Perfect couples really do exist. 

Someone who is better at writing smut, I give you free reign to use this prompt

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I have seen madness before. I saw Uldred’s eyes when there was nothing human left in them. The Knight-Commander…she is not there, yet. But I do not have to ask where the rumours come from.

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