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~ Friday, September 19 ~

I popped into the comic book store on my way out and bought the newest issue of Magneto even though I’m behind by 2.

Let’s just say if anyone gives you the bullshit excuse that the Red Skull and HYDRA aren’t Nazis…direct them to the comic where Magneto refers to them as such.

I swear this series is pure gold.

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Quick heads up. I’m out for the evening to go to a function but I have seen everyone’s messages! I’ll respond properly when I’m home later tonight.

Thanks so much you guys! You are the sweetest and most amazing!

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Oh man…I’d like to join this whole draw your Inquisitor project but I can’t draw. Like not even stick figures. Not even straight lines. 

Is there any other of my followers who are participating? I know some of you guys are fantastic artists.

I’ve worked really hard on Yael, you guys know how much. I’d love to find a way to show her off in a project that’s getting sent out to the devs. 

I will totally commission you! I just don’t know who’s available on fairly short notice or who to ask. 

Thanks! :) 

Tags: Reblogging again just to see And yes I know about the templates but unfortunately I'm unable to use them/ lack the skillset to use them This is an ask only and not a charity case as I'm ready and willing to pay because y'all are awesome
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I move to put forward Melanie Laurent as F!Anders.

Here is my proof of fancast:

Tags: Plus she's already played a role where she blasted her oppressors off the face of the earth soooooo
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Skyhold Interview, Part 3: Judgments

Two weeks ago, Dragon Age fans were introduced to Skyhold—the Inquisition’s base of operations—through an article from our friends at Game Informer. Following the article, we caught up with Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee to ask a few follow-up questions.

In part 3 of this interview series, Cameron discusses controlling the seat of power at Skyhold and passing judgment on your foes!

[DRAGON AGE]: Let’s talk about the role of the Inquisitor. How much power do you have as leader?

[CAMERON LEE]: As the Inquisitor, you have an authority that spans nations, shaping events and issuing commands to your agents throughout a land in strife. Your power over the fate of thousands also has a personal side. The burden of leadership falls to you, and right or wrong, your choices will have an impact on the lives of those who cross your path.

[DA]: That brings us to the topic of judgments in the game. Can you expand a little bit on that?

[CL]: Sure. The innocent, the misguided, the foolish, and the righteous all must decide which side of the conflict they support, but if they choose poorly, they may find themselves standing before your throne awaiting judgment. This is one of the ways you can see a personal side to your enemies and understand their motivations—and just as importantly, it offers you a chance to reflect on your own decisions and actions throughout the game. 

[DA]: So, you quite literally assume the role of judge, jury, and executioner?

[CL]: Exactly. When you sit on your throne in Skyhold, your advisors will bring a prisoner to you for judgment. Your advisor will read the charges and provide additional information before you have a chance to question the prisoner yourself. Then you’ll be asked to decide their fate. Your choices won’t be black and white, but shades in between. Set them free, recruit them into the Inquisition, execute them yourself, make them your court jester, or even make them Tranquil are just some examples of the sentences you can pass in a judgment.

[DA]: As with any decision, there may be repercussions to deal with, right?

[CL]: I’ll say this: how you judge your enemies may have an impact on your Inquisition. For example, can you live with having an evil agent join the Inquisition if they make it more effective? Other sentences may affect side quests, operations, Skyhold itself, and even your closest companions, so choose wisely.

SOURCE: http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/news/skyhold-interview-part-3-judgments

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Unrest: An Adventure Game Set in Ancient India

Unrest is an unusual kind of game. It first caught my attention just because of the setting–fantasy India. Bhimra is a struggling country being destroyed in a drought and forced to make treaty with the neighboring Naga kingdom in order to survive. The Naga are, you guessed it, giant talking snakes who view the humans with suspicion and sometimes contempt, and rightly so as anti-Naga sentiment sweeps through the slums. Unrest makes you play from the perspective of several characters who stand in some way poised to affect the country’s future, whether as a princess scratching out a living in the slums, a peasant girl trying to free herself from an arranged marriage, or a weary Naga ambassador negotiating for her countrypeople. Countrysnakes.

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Papa Fenris getting morning groomed



Papa Fenris getting morning groomed


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Natalie Dormer as Cressida in Mockingjay - Part I

Natalie Dormer as Cressida in Mockingjay - Part I

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Cullen is graysexual. 

I don’t make the rules here this is just the way things are. 

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