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~ Wednesday, October 1 ~
  • Graysexual Cullen quietly laughing off the risque jokes Iron Bull and Sera tell about his and the Inquisitor’s relationship, putting a hand over the Inquisitor’s to let her know she need not start a fight. 
  • Graysexual Cullen working late nights to finish reading up on all the reports and messages, sitting up in bed while the Inquisitor dozes softly alongside him.
  • Graysexual Cullen who never questioned his lack of attraction for anyone and so was taken entirely aback by his feelings for the Inquisitor. 
  • Graysexual Cullen secretly wondering if the Inquisitor is happy with their relationship or if she wants something more. Wondering if she’ll leave, or worse, pressure him for something he isn’t certain he’s willing to give.
  • Graysexual Cullen reuniting with the Inquisitor after a mission. The both of them staying up all night talking, recounting what each of them did while the other was gone. 
  • Graysexual Cullen wrapping the Inquisitor in his arms, finding all the closeness and fulfillment he needs in this small gesture alone.
  • Graysexual Cullen listening with a slowly spreading smile as the Inquisitor tells him she could care less about sex, she’s happy just being with him. 
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Magneto vs. Red Skull.

[from Captain America (1968) #368]

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Oh hello fever I was wondering if you were going to make an appearance either today or tomorrow. 

Tags: Don't be like me kids don't keep working while your sick or in my case don't like your job so much that you'd feel bad about fucking up the schedule The question is not can I work through a low grade fever the question is can I do it without making too many strange comments luckily everyone else has the same cold so I don't have to worry about infecting anyone
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turtletotem said: Anya's mother always told her how much her father loved her, that he died a hero and would have chosen her life over his every time; Anya wished she could have at least remembered him a little.

how dare—-!


littleblackdragonchronicle said: The coldness of winter was beginning to take hold. The clouds gathering overhead foretold of snow to come. Lavellan was preparing for her mission, making sure everything was ready. And yet she couldn't seem to keep herself warm. However, as her breath visibly ghosted from her lips, she felt a sudden warmth. Cullen's gesture stilled her shivering hand, and her scattered mind started to follow suit. It was something small, simple. But it did greatly to help the troubled Inquisitor.

Oh no this is adorable. Send help.

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Rip out my (Character’s) heart in one sentence.



Bonus points if it makes me cry.

Tyb Hawke, Candle Adaar or any non-OC characters that I like?

Ava Hawke, Anya Lehnsherr, Mischa Lecter, and Yael Lavellan.

Go for it.

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dragon age inquisition comes out next month

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Ugh. I’m all kinds of ridiculously sick and I can’t take off any amount of work until Friday.

Can I request some fluff fic in my askbox today? It would really brighten up this long as fuck day I’ve got in store for me.

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nonbinaryanders said: K, but the Dalish totally have a word for greysexual and Lavallen totally tells Cullen it and Cullen's just like pleased as fuck there's a word for what he is, even if it's in Elven.


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~ Tuesday, September 30 ~

This is your daily reminder that Cullen is graysexual.

Again, I don’t make the rules here I simply report the facts.

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