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The Marcy is a strange breed of creature who is most commonly seen in the company of villains and souls of moral ambiguity. Her natural habitat consists of fire and brimstone. When she's not trailing after supervillains she's frolicking with their demonic, yet sweet henchmen or planning on how best to take over the known universe. She's interested in a variety of nerdy (yet awesome) things like Doctor Who, X-Men, DC & Marvel comics, Phantom of the Opera, and virtually anything Sci-Fi/Fantasy related. If you feel brave enough you can always drop her a line in her ask box. She may be your future overlord, but she promises to be a benevolent one.
~ Monday, July 28 ~
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This is where Cullen was kept by Uldred and his minions.

Could be for a couple of days. Could be for months, if the warden chooses to do the Broken Circle quest the last. Think about that. Like Greagoir said, Maker must have shielded him himself.

I’ve definitely thought about this before, and to be honest, I can’t even imagine the kind of horrific things that was probably done to him and that he saw—nor do I really want to.

Tags: I'm never...saving that quest for last ever again like I...may have done in my canon run through because I didn't know
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all the elven inquisitors should just go off and make their own clan and it’ll be known as the cool clan

Hell yessssssss 

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for klc-journei 

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This guys. Yes. This right here. The little shit statements such as these still matter a whole damn lot.

If you hurt ppl this way I will hurt you. 

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i’m hopefully picking up a PS4 after work. 

Tags: ready for November but while I wait...i can finally play Black Flag
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Alright, strap in your emotions, I’m actually working on the next part of the Break Up story arc. 

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an angel girl who’s girlfriend is a demon and at first they don’t want anybody to know but then god is like “my child do not worry about it it’s , as the kids are saying these days, “what ever”’ but satan is like “do I know this girl. let me meet her. is she a bad influence?” “dad she’s an angel” “damn I was really hoping she would be a bad influence”

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